Women ,FATA and War on terror (Strong women may we know them and raise them )


while Pakistan goes through the debate of whether the War on terror is our War or American War certain questions and concerns will go unnoticed and unanswered to the rest of Pakistan. The question of women in federally administered tribal areas (FATA), their ordeal and how are they dealing with these some extraordinary circumstances. FATA is a black hole where media or any kind of independent verification and survey is very hard to carry out.   FATA is administered under the infamous Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) by the Pakistan establishment, which makes it to the rest of the world and Pakistan a closed subject. How women coped and dealt being a casualty of policies, ambition and religious zeal of our men.  How many women experienced sexual violence , abuse, (even death) survived and still surviving War on terror .How did they cope with mass migration , internal displacement and most importantly where does the strength comes to deal with rape or  being in refugee camps with no male survivor. The only subject which men and women from the rest of the world or Pakistan would gladly talk regarding FATA debate is the notorious Drone question. The Drone question only furthers certain Political agenda of pro and against Drone debate.  I remember reading one piece of news in which a woman was raped into a Jalozai refugee camp with her three young daughters witnessing rape of their mother. The camp is just 35 kilometres south-east of Peshawar, which houses some 60,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) according to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA). Another piece of reporting was horrifying ordeal of refugees from Tirah valley when Pakistan Army started its operation was a disabled daughter begging her father to shoot her and not to be left alone to be raped. The father too old to carry her physically shot her. These stories are just a tip of the iceberg.  How Women survivors who are product of set-up, where male domination and Patriarchy is justified under Religious and Cultural norms, are dealing with the pain suffering and vulnerability. I am sure there must be hundreds of stories of women suffering but unreported and buried under the blanket of War, FCR, tribal traditions and norms, I  wonder what happens to Hakimullah Mehsud   two  surviving wives  the dreaded chief of TALIBAN who was killed in drone attack day before yesterday , will they be married off to someone else? .  As Catherine  A MacKinnon says “ Human rights have not being women rights   not  in theory or in reality  not  legally or  socially ,not domestically or  internationally “.


8 thoughts on “Women ,FATA and War on terror (Strong women may we know them and raise them )

  1. The suppression of women in Pakhtun society is considered as business as usual not only in the war hit tribal belt but in all those areas where the pakhtuns are residing. even the pakhtun communities residing in the West are having a biased attitude towards their women counterpart. This is a good piece for giving voice to the voiceless.

  2. There are thousands of heart squeezing stories. Whether it’s drone, militant guns or their explosive jackets or our military bayonets and armours, the worst ultimate victim is Pakhtun Woman specially those from FATA. But, only to another woman, will a heart broken woman open her heart. For it is only woman who really understands her same sex. Thanks Mona for picking up this topic.

  3. Dear Rashid, I fully endorse comments. Unfortunately who is carrying out all those crimes, ill treatment, victimization of all sorts against highly venerable women in your societies- its male lot. Believe me there is hardly any difference, educated or uneducated, so called mullahs or an ordinary man, all are on same page when it matters women. They take pride in insulting ( all sorts of insults) fair sex. While travelling extensively in NWFP, I frequently observed there is little difference between women folk and a herd of cattle.Let Pakhtun men be educated and coached enough to change their centuries old mindset. Every male Pakhtun has a responsibility to correct this rotten society that stands immensely biased against women. Please come forward and put your share………

  4. Face off documentary was made in Punjab Not in FATA..
    Poison is thrown on her face in Punjab not in FATA or Pakhtun Belt.. Rapes are Common in India and Punjab not In FATA…
    You Sick Liberals Bring ur Sisters and Mothers to Punjab so that they can be raped and their faces can be torned on Poison….
    You Slum Dogs…..
    Jehaan Aurat ku azadi hey Waha Aurat Ki Barbadi hey….
    go to hell with ur wesernization you Animals…

  5. The tribal are used as gun powders since 1920’s to get power in Aghanistan by all sides and the same practice is going on till the start of 21st century. But the most horrible thing in this episode is the complete silence by Tribal people themselves. The people who found fortunes migrated to other areas, merged in new society and accepted new abode. The people left behind have accepted their state of life as the will of God. Until the people of FATA themselves don’t try to change their lives through organized struggle there will be no voice in support for them from the power clutches for release.

    • Thank you for your comment. But how do you propose for an area which has been kept under political , social and economic isolation to form a movement and protest their misery. Did you see the result of BARA khyber agency protest outcome.

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