Baluch women and the long march of their misery

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Pakistan let’s talk about patience, perseverance, determination and suffering of the Baluch women, children and men.  Women and children who walked 400  miles on foot  starting  Oct  27,  from Balochistan to Karachi to raise awareness for the thousands of kidnappings and unsolved murders in Pakistan.  Just to let the rest of Pakistan know that they want their loved ones back.   These Women children Led by a 70 years old man called Qadeer Baluch   made the most dangerous journey which started from south-western Balochistan capital Quetta finishing 27 days later at Karachi Press Club, the provincial capital of Sindh. The march has about twenty families mostly women and children of all age group demanding justice for their missing loved ones.  Chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Qadeer Baloch, said the march was an attempt to shed light on the kidnappings in Balochistan.    The women, children who chose to accompany him are either daughters, sisters or wives of the missing Baluch. . Protestors carrying pictures of their beloved ones chanted slogans for more than three hours, and staged a sit-in in front of Karachi Club. However they failed to attract the attention of Pakistan’s independent media and civilian government.

Today I want to ask some question from the patriotic Pakistani, why were these peaceful protestors ignored. They only had their loved one pictures and abundance of misery to show to urban Pakistan. Why they had to go to such length to undertake such a laborious journey?  Why they had to leave the security of their homes .Dare we ask this question without going into its political reasons?  Desperation hopelessness of the system would drive someone to undertake such protest.  According to BBC Urdu it is unprecedented protests in the history of the subcontinent on foot under fear, uncertainty and terror. Women and children walked for 700 hundred km   from one town to another without their family male members.  What it will be like for a woman to set out of her home in a patriarchal society in search of justice. How the marching women, sisters, wives braved or still braving the storm without their men members for years. ?  A setup which appreciates gender segregation does not accommodate woman in the public life so easily.  How these women walked for one month with small children. What were these children told, why are their mothers, sister walking not caring about the blisters and wounds on their feet.  These women walked wrapped in their chaddar faces covered   taking care of their conservative society needs. What did they do when they needed to take the small children to toilet  while passing through southern Pakistan’s parched, mountainous landscape?  When the children cried did these women cry in desperation too with them cursing their luck. . Among the crowd is   fifteen year-old Sammi Baluch in the hope of finding her father, who disappeared four years ago after being taken by security forces.  The 26-year-old Farzana Majeed, the sister of student leader Zakir Majeed, who has been missing since 2009 after his arrest by unidentified gunmen has left her studies and life behind, in the quest to find her brother and seek peace for herself and her family . “For the last two years we have no idea where my brother .It is my struggle to get my brother released. I have made a thousand protests in the last four years but no-one listens to me.”  Wahida has left behind    five children youngest one   five years old at her home in Panjgur, to demand the recovery of her brother, Obaidullah.““I cry thinking about my children but I am doing all this for my brother. I want him back.”     Unfortunately the misery helplessness of these sisters’ mothers and daughters could not be registered by the Pakistani independent media and civil society. The total media blackout along with our so called democratic government    apathy and the political parties silence is glaring and extremely distasteful. We don’t need political excuses to ignore or keep our eyes and mouth shut , empathy would go a long way my dear countrymen. By ignoring we are not doing a service to our Patriotism .


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