To all the trolls and haters with love

According to UNICEF Pakistan has largest youth bulge with 35 % of the population and huge on-line presence of the youth on social media. Pakistan has currently 15 million internet users.  Bullying, trolling, threats and abusive behaviour on social media seem to be the favourite pastime of many. This seems to be the normal behaviour of our men folks who tend to disagree with anyone on social media from twitter to Facebook. However this behaviour towards women on social media is more vitriolic defaming indicating the level of misogyny prevalent in our society.   You open a Facebook page you will come across posts in your news feed  which your friends has commented on ,  three picture of Pakistani woman in public life and on top a male shoe where the question is asked who would you hit the most .  Sometimes you forget that violence against Women is not an issue in our society.

You don’t forget the first time you are abused.  I was abused on-line in which I merely commented on a post and of course a particular political party follower did not agree to my political views, sent me a message in private. The message was not about contesting my political views but abusive one. I was upset naturally since I was never abused like that before, however there is always a first time for everything I guess. At that moment I decided I would not comment on anything controversial and was afraid of incurring more by speaking out. I shared my experience with a friend and the friend told me to stop whining, and   acting like delicate flower, in other words it’s all right to be abused because I am commenting and coming out public. I was writing or giving my views on such field which only belongs to men that are politics. However sometimes later, you toughen up: stop reading the comments or stop letting them get to you. After all you are challenging their masculinity by going against their political views and what better way for these troll to display their masculinity but by abusing you.   Just this morning I came across one tweet in which one woman political commentator made a comment about a political leader and the reply left to her by one of the ardent supporter of that political leader was,

“I know you sell yourself for 100 dollars “

If a woman speaks her mind the lowest to hit is target her sexuality or morality in terms of her sex. I hope she continues to speak her mind no matter you or I agree or disagree with her. If I was sent such message I would have deleted it but here she re tweeted that tweet and challenged the mind-set.

If you talk to any woman who writes, comments on-line, the chances are she will instantly be able to list greatest hits of insults. But it’s very rarely spoken about, for both sound and unsound reason.  To me, misogynistic abuse is an attempt to keep women quiet. Traditionally, men have been the ones who influence the direction of society; it is their sphere and their world. Being in a very patriarchal society (despite of having a first Islamic world woman prime minister) I feel that a strong resentment against women exist and it’s not women’s place to be commentating and writing about politics. That’s why the abuse against women writers  is really insidious. Women will never achieve equality as long as they’re being intimidated or shooed of out of the frame. Women on social media are good for friendship, dates request according to our youth bulge not to politically challenge their ideals. And those female writers or commentators who  are present with little feminist or left leaning are either tramps who needs to be silenced by abuses or reminded what gender they belong to.  We live in a very patriarchal society, any woman who sticks her head and challenges the mind-set will encounter misogynistic abuse. So brace yourself you all brave ladies out their ,The tide is against us but  ignore and move on. These self righteous  jihadis  and revolutionaries sitting behind their computers are  nothing more than the representation of  imperfection and fault lines of our society .

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2 thoughts on “To all the trolls and haters with love

  1. Nice…I really agree 100 Percent with you. I think no one with little brain or open heart will never disagree ( Except you are from that political Party) .As the basic rule for being that party member is to stop thinking , atop arguing and just follow the leader brainlessly. Just be mechanical Robot who just take command from a Boss who speaks everything he dreams in night and speaks the same to everyone in morning. Their followers just follow his dream without even asking or thinking a single question.

  2. Great piece on an unaddressed issue. Not only men but women from that particular mindset abuse all who disagree. If they don’t attack on the gender, they will call you ‘dictator’, ‘unaware’, ‘stupid’ and so on.

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