Apologise Atizaz you will end up in just another killed.



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So another one bites the dust and many more might follow

The death of Atizaz Hussein bangash has once again mobilised our people particularly on social media to demand the highest bravery award of the land (Nishan Haider) literally named after the title given to fourth caliph of Islam by his mother . Haider means the brave. Atizaz Hussein  has been hailed as hero.

Atizaz Hussein 15 becomes the youngest boy to have a tackled a suicide bomber who tried to enter his school. He wanted to capture the suicide bomber and stop him from killing his school mates. Previously we had suicide bombers of his age to have blown themselves up, which has resulted in the killings of thousands of people.

He has once again galvanised the distorted and divided opinion of Pakistan into giving him a medal for his bravery at least, if not dealing  promptly and efficiently with what plagues Pakistan.

According to Atizaz cousin who spoke to few journalist in Pakistan ,  that people in our area would like him to be recognised and celebrated like Malala a Pakistani youth campaigner.` who stood up for girls and children right to education.

When I read this unprecedented story of this young boy courage , or for that matter anyone who loses their life in this losing war, I say to myself another one bites the dust. More than 60,000 have lost their lives, and more than million displaced through operations in areas which we hold responsible for all the mayhem, but we are still not sure where the root of the evil lie actually there , is it our war or not   or how to deal with it.

While the dust settle over Atizaz Hussein I won’t be surprised if this all doesn’t fizzle out sooner than I expect it to be and we might be over Atizaz Hussein martyrdom and he will end up in the figures quoted above.  The progenitor   of anti-war operations will start making those advocating military might feeling guilty (force   doesn’t solve anything, these are our wayward brothers) and in the meantime  the wayward brother or good Muslim will come back to hit us once again to make us among the faithful’s. Yes those who advocate that these are our wayward brother might declare us as killed and our killer as Shaheed (martyrs).Honestly i wont even know the benefit of being one as a woman .

Not that I advocate violence or military might against your own people or state has monopoly over violence,  but one thing I would like to ask how do you deal with a situation when  a 15 year old suicide bomber  is ready to blast off couple of hundred in school . And another 15 year old ready to tackle a young suicide bomber to keep his friends and school safe.

How long will our kids end up paying the ultimate sacrifice of their young unexplored lives. While we debate in our conferences what is the easiest way out of the whole mess. I guess even i  have  nothing  new to say in my blog , talk or no talk. Let’s toss a coin.



2 thoughts on “Apologise Atizaz you will end up in just another killed.

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