From Nobel Jihadi savages to Terrorists part 2








The transformation of people of FATA from Noble jihadi to terrorists for Pakistan did not take long.?  FATA was mostly left to its own devices, used and discarded whenever needed.

The utility of FATA and its people for Pakistan state can be traced back to Kashmir jihad of 1948, when the slogan of Islam was used by the state. . From providing human fodder to drugs factories, Jihadi madrasa all were produced, operated and executed with the blessing of Pakistan state. Afghan jihad was the seal of authority which stamped FATA and its people as Noble Jihadi for Pakistan.  . When  the  time span of jihad as military option  in Afghanistan  expired with the disintegration of soviet union , the exalted  status of FATA was lost on our state, however  it continued to keep FATA under laws introduced by British 1901,basically as part of Pakistan but isolated politically ,socially and economically .

The break from romance of Noble jihadi savages to Terrorists came when 9/11 happened. American war against AL Qaeda and its consequences for Pakistan in result of suicide bombing in settled areas and ultimate operations of Pakistan army. The jihad theatre constructed by the state in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), which preached jihad against infidels came back to bite its mentor .Pakistan Military has launched twelve major operations since 2002 against Taliban, Al-Qaida and minor operations trying to cleanse FATA from the bad jihadi   and or give back FATA exalted status of producing  and more importantly hosting for decades now only the noble jihadi or the good Taliban ,to be used by the state post America withdrawal from Afghanistan.  

 One such operation or reprisal (not sure which word would be correct) took place in December 18 2013 when a suicide bomb attacked an Army checkpoint in North Waziristan, a stronghold of Haqqani group and TTP, and another recent   reprisal on Tuesday 21 took place in same place Mir ali and Miranshah after a bomb exploded in Royal artillery BAZAR Rawalpindi killing soldiers, and a wave of attacks on security apparatus by the militants.

 Army threshold of tolerating the strategic assets went low with the series of attacks particularly in Rawalpindi bazar and they are effectively conveying to the militants by these reprisals, that beyond FATA they are not game.

More than 70 civilian lost life in the December operation  and another 40 civilians in Tuesday air force strike  , although our army spokesman denied the civilian casualty on both c counts and claimed to have killed terrorists (now) and mostly foreigner like Uzbek and Chechens in the December operation. The drone supporter although kept quiet   .  The liberals of our media cheered both the times these operation, mostly citing the reasons that Taliban were not ready for peace talks and hitting the nerves of the state and declared the civilian casualty of women and children as collateral damage.

While the military denied in December operation that it’s was prelude to a bigger military operation “This is not, and I repeat, not the beginning of a larger military operation in North Waziristan,” said Major General Bajwa of the ISPR.

 The military sympathetic journalists with better access to military mind-set described the December operation as  it breaking of the code by the villagers, citing one article published in response to December operation  here the writer  says this is what happens when you break the code.

 The agreement with [Taliban commander] Gul Bahadur has been standing since 2006. It clearly stipulates upon the locals that either they take care of the foreigners, or we do. That’s why it’s reasonable for army to deploy just one division [with roughly 10,000 men] in an area where there are over 20,000 hardened fighters (Haqqani network and foreign fighters)…because there’s a code.”

 Under the” COLLECTIIVE RESPONSIBILITY” rule  of FCR 1901 (FRONTIER CRIME REGULATIONS), not only those harbouring the terrorists who dared to attack the security apparatus   but the whole village and area is responsible for the crime committed against the state, so everybody from children to women are responsible and must bear the brunt of army shelling, cobra gunship helicopters and mortars and now the aerial strikes by Pakistan air force  used for the first time after govt struck a ceasefire agreement with local Taliban chief in 2007. Now Nearly 5,000 to 6,000 families have left their homes in North Waziristan due to escalating tension on the ground. Another IDP humanitarian disaster in the making with already 3 million displaced from their homes in FATA.

If military claims that they had to take out foreigner to perform their sting operation in December then nobody dared to asked   our military” why is this area still hosting remnants of Afghan jihad? Is this why the people of these area has to contend with Drones along with Pakistan air force Ariel strikes now,

  And when these elements challenges and target the military, only than military retaliates to take them out and in the process punish the whole of population indiscriminately? In plain words Army holds the whole civilian population including women and children to take care of   jihadi remnant, foreigners of afghan jihad. Even now the feelers coming from Islamabad is that military is about to launch another operation in North Waziristan forcing the locals to flee the area in hundreds. Will Pakistan launch an operation to target the people it needs to target like Haqqani network and TTP?

If drone kill militants along with local populations than do understand the fact that not only drones but these state gone wrong proxies  and Pakistan Army are equally responsible for the murder, displacement and misery of the people of FATA.

“This hadn’t been planned before, and Pakistan air force fighter jets were called to hit hideouts of the militants involved in attacks on security forces,” said one military official who spoke on condition of anonymity.     Which state would bomb its people unplanned and try to achieve what objectives. How fighter jets could prove an effective tool of counter-insurgency operation? 

 Our military has a plan or does it just react to when it’s under attack. Or maybe they are  hoping to be push back the militants  into Afghanistan post American withdrawal and currently FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa left to The militant so they  can use it  as training ground ? .   

The liberals can cheer all the operation but it’s not these unplanned partial operation (where the likes of fazlullah of swat ending up in safe haven) which will bring peace to the rest of Pakistan if the rest of Pakistan include other than Punjab.  It might even help in the recruitment drive of the Taliban exploiting the already bruised emotions of the civilian, as we are already  seeing  video’s and pictures being circulated on social media of civilian deaths and internal displacements .

  . Once again another story regarding FATA misery which had hit headlines of Pakistan newspaper will die down.

The golden goose called FATA for Pakistan establishment, military, TTP, and other vested interest will continue to play the role which it has been playing since 1948 Kashmir jihad. We will continue to have places in our villages called sheedano danda (our martyrs burial ground). The question is for how long? 


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